Sunday, May 31, 2009

...valets and saunas....

So I had one of the weirder experiences of my life this weekend. On Friday I went to see The Ryan graduate from Gulliver. It is weird, I remember meeting him three years ago when he was about to start his sophomore year. He seems like a very different person today....anyway, although some of you may think Ryan graduating is the weird part, it isn't.

The Davis family, who is always more generous then I know what to do with, invited me to spend the weekend with them. They had rented rooms out at the Ritz-Carlton Spa/Resort on Key Biscayne and had gotten me a room. Needless to say, I am not accustomed to "vacationing at the Ritz" so I was more than overwhelmed upon arriving.

The valet (that's right, I don't park my car...pssshh) was friendlier than the majority of people I have ever met, picture a Best-Buy manager in Texas friendly. Then I walked inside, I was greeted four times before I got to the desk to check-in. They were all "yes sir" and "it would be my pleasure Mr. Spead." Yeah...weird pants... I went to my room, 8th floor... here are some pics...

That was the view from my room and the other is obviously the bathroom. But it was just strange to me that this is life for some people. Hear me, I don't blame them. It is amazing being treated like royalty but the whole time I felt alittle...detached...I think that is the word I am looking for. was incredible. Being a bachelor, I am not exactly trained in the fine art of cooking. For me, cooking normally consists of standing in line at Panera (yuuuummmm, love me some Panera). So, when the option of fine dining (free fine dining at that) is offered I am not one to pass it up. I took a few pictures of the food that ROOM SERVICE brought up to me...

So one is Eggs Benedict that I had for may (whoever you are) be tired of reading this by the end, but AMAZING!! It was definitely worth getting up early for. Another picture is the Turkey Club I had for dinner and then the Key Lime Pie with Mango Drizzle that I had for dessert. I also had some shrimp tacos with Mango salsa but I didn't take a photo.

The highlight of the weekend BY FAR was the spa. I am not a "spa person" normally. When I hear spa I think cucumbers and mud...neither of which sound like a good time to me. However, at the Ritz, they have the gentleman's spa which I went to check out. It was like a movie or something. The doorman gave me a locker key and gave me a brief tour. The lockers were all maple and had gold numbers on each of them. Following a disrobing you walk past the showers and the "grooming room" into the Gentleman's area. This room had a giant hot tub in it, a steam shower, and a dry sauna. 

I LOVE STEAM SHOWERS!! So you basically just sit there and sweat. Really? That's it? I don't have to move or walk outside in the summer? I can just sweat doing nothing? DOES THIS BURN CALORIES?!??! (No it doesn't fatty...) They also had some kind of mint something or other that came out with the steam so it was fresh.

Needless to say, there was a beach and a pool too, but come on, they didn't shoot out mint steam. All in all it was a very surprising blessing. These past few weeks have been building up stress because of several disappointments and I wanted to get away for a bit. Who knew you can do it in your own backyard?

God has better timing than I could ever imagine. Whenever I feel like I have been hit in the face, He is there. I hate how cheesy that sounds but its true. I feel neither left nor forsaken and I am far more grateful then I think I ever express to Him. God is good, even when life throws curve balls. 

I am looking forward to a few things coming up...CampU is on the horizon. It will be the come back of Seven Anyday. I am giddy. I love leading worship with those guys, it recharges and challenges me. I am also looking forward to the visit of DFanch in July, but more on that later. I have been rambling for a while....I am off something other than blogging...

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