Thursday, May 7, 2009


So, how does one complain when their internet is down in a house where they are living for free? One does not do this. So, rather than being a bad person and blogging at church rather than praying or doing...whatever it is I do there...I have waited patiently until the time when I have internet...enter current scene...

I am sitting at Geoff's house with "the crew" outside who are all talking and chatting and for some reason, I am inside blogging. I truly feel like an anti-social blogger for the first time....j/k....but, not really.

Since my last post I went to the Orange Conference in ATL. For those of you reading (huh?) who don't know what the Orange Conference is you should look into it. It is put on by the re:think group and provides tools for churches to partner with parents to make a better impact in the lives of future generations. Sounds right up my alley right?

I am going to write later (internet permitting) about the content of the seminars and the worship experience but right now I feel the need to talk about something more pandemic and widespread than those...swine flu. That's right....the porky sickness.

While in ATL I came down with....digestive issues.... this then progressed to a fever, tremors, sore throat, body aches and chills. According to Wikipedia....THAT IS SWINE FLU!!! I really don't find out until tomorrow whether or not I have it, but until then... I COULD HAVE THE SWINE FLU!!! I scheduled an appointment with my doctor and the earliest he could see me is tomorrow...I wonder if I told him I might be containing the bane of the mexican people if he would have seen me sooner.

Currently there are only 3 cases in Miami-Dade county, but tomorrow...I could be the fourth.

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  1. Aren't you already the fourth? ha...hope you are feeling better btw...