Thursday, May 21, 2009

Decisions, decisions....

What do you do when friends are hurting? It seems like this is always a looming question for me. I mean, I know what I want when I am upset. The irony is that some things we want, but we don't want certain people to try to help us. So...what to do?

There is a part of me that always wants to invade into the place of peoples hurt and physically pull them out of their pain. Whether that is through distraction or trying to rationalizing I just want people to be able to move forward past pain.

David (my adopted Miami dad) said something very interesting to me tonight. He said the problem with people is that we try to perceptually understand an emotional event. We spend so much time and effort trying to understand why things happen. We say things like "why would God let this happen?" or "if I only knew what was going on I would feel better." The truth of the matter is that understanding why things happen doesn't remove the emotions attached to them.

Why are children kidnapped and forced to be soldiers? Because people are selfish and want power at any cost. There....not to trivialize it, but that seems to be the root. We now know why that happened, but does it take away our emotions about it? Nope.

I guess in the end all we can do is trust God and pray that our friends and loved ones are able to feel loved and move on past emotional events....that still frustrates me to no end though...

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