Saturday, April 18, 2009

...all time low?

So it is late and I probably should be going to bed. But I believe the protocols of bloggers include the requirement that you do it late at night or avoiding something you should be doing (i.e. studying or sleeping). So in the spirit of true I am. Have you ever debated which scenario is worse in your head and then you realized that the worse case scenario might be the debate? Take for example my current predicament...
I went kayaking yesterday in the Keys. Being that I am brilliant, I failed to put on sun screen. Also in line with my brilliance, I thought it would be a good chance to get some of the white shininess out of my thighs so I hiked up my shorts. My knees and formally vibrant thighs are now the color of a lobster covered in tomato sauce. However, since my position barely changed during the trek through the mangroves, my legs look like candy canes.
I was debating what was worse, this, or the fact that I found my friends argument compelling today as to why I should go read the Twilight series. I don't even remember the logic behind this encouraged purchase, but I remember thinking it was good at the time.
As I sat here in bed finishing up some work for tomorrow, I was debating which was worse. But the truth? I apparently have too much free time because I am debating which is worse, my sun burnt candy-cane stems, or the idea of reading a series of books targeted at young teenage girls.
Life apparently is not short...

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